Every supplier will tell you the same thing,
the customer is king! 


So why should you decide to work with Novéo ? Here are three reasons that might steered your decision! 

A recognised product quality

The first reason is that our specialisation in small equipments dedicated to cafes, hotels and restaurants, allow us to meticulously pick our products among the best brands available on the market.
Our focus on this niche sector will assure you an access to a wide range of quality hardwares selected on specific criterias. You will find that our product range isn’t extended because we are the ones who make the first decision, by offering you a restricted selection of premium quality products.
What’s the benefit for you in all of this? Don’t drown in a wide range of online products and earn some time by choosing your products within a preselected qualitative range of articles. 

100% stock availability

The second but not least reason, is that we guarantee a total product availability on the ones available on our website. You want to buy our products?
Fear not, they are currently kept warm and dry in one of our warehouses.


As soon as you ordered it, you'll get it delivered

The last reason why you should choose to work with Novéo is that we adapt ourselves to your line of business. Whether you’re the owner of a cafe, a hotel or a restaurant, you have to deal and manage last minute rushes.
You’ve realised that you’re missing an essential element for your kitchen, your bar or your lounge? We give you the guarantee that you will be delivered within 24/48h if your restaurant is located in the North region and within 48/72h if it’s located in the South region.
What’s the most important thing to us is to be a real partner in the good management of your CHR company, and this is undoubtedly done through a fast and efficient delivery.

A bonus reason? A team available (and smiling) who will take the time to answer each of your questions.

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