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<p>This scraper for cutting boards will allow you to find a clean and smooth board.Its first face will allow you to overcome tough tasks, yellowing while the second side will allow you to smooth your board for a perfect finish.This scraper for cutting boards is the essential accessory for any professional kitchen.</p>

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This red non-slip cutting board, also available in green color, is ideal for implementing your HACCP plan.Color distinctive, it will allow you to apply a color code by type of cut (meat, fish, vegetables ...)Its patented food safety hook allows transport and storage under optimal sanitary conditions.Also, the integrated anti-slip corners ensure the stability of the board during cutting.Its durable copolymer construction ensures a durable product.

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<p>This Cut-N-Carry® cutting board features a patented <strong>food safety hook</strong> designed to <strong>prevent cross-contamination</strong> of hands and clothing during transportation.</p> <p>This hook also provides a <strong>safe and hygienic method</strong> for <strong>drying</strong> and <strong>storage</strong>.</p> <p>Cut-N-Carry® cutting boards are made from a<strong> high quality copolymer</strong>. This<strong> NSF certified</strong> cutting board is designed to withstand continuous washing in the dishwasher and will not deform.</p> <p>It's made to help <strong>limit unwanted knife dulling</strong>, but tough enough to prevent unsafe cut-grooving where dirt and bacteria can hide.</p> <p>The similar model is available in <a href="/fr/ustensiles/1330-planche-a-decouper-couleur-rouge-avec-crochet.html" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">red</a>.</p>

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Ideal for the application of your HACCP plan with its distinctive colors, this non-slip cutting board will also allow you a stable cut.Its patented hook ensures transport and storage under optimal hygienic conditions.Also find the similar model in red.

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